Monday, August 29, 2011

StageIt Stands Up to Cancer

From the StageIt crew posted on

Come join us all day on August 30th as Stageit Stands Up To Cancer! Look for the green and pink ribbon show in the picture to see the artists that are participating!

Watch some of your favorite Stageit artists:

Rachel Platten
Jenny Owen Youngs w/ Everyone Is Gay
Don Schlitz
Stacy Clark

Jeremy McComb
Jenna Bryson

Larry Bagby
Evan Lowenstein
Eric Himan
Luca Longobordi
Louis Grassi
Noah Guthrie
Frank Palangi
Mike Pearce
Mike Vavrek
Brian Hagene
Jack & Diane
David Martinez
And many more!!!

We're hosting the Stageit Stands Up To Cancer benefit night in honor of one of our coworker's mother just passing away from her fight with lung cancer.

Below is a message from Laura McDonald, a Stageit employee:

As you may or may not know, on July 2nd I lost my mom to lung cancer. She was my hero, my best friend, and my #1 fan. She fought an incredibly hard battle, and for one year after she was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, she got to live an almost normal life. Through lung cancer research, they developed a drug called Tarceva, which was a chemo pill that my mom took daily to shrink and maintain her cancer. She was able to drive, travel, live, and take care of everyone in her life, especially her grandchildren and also, well, me. My mom was adamant about donating to cancer research, and encouraged others to do the same, as that’s where she felt that our money had the most direct effect.

To honor my mom, and everyone else who has been affected by cancer of any kind, we are hosting a Stageit Stands Up To Cancer night on Tuesday, August 30th. We are inviting artists to play a show, whether it’s one song or ten, from wherever they are, whenever they can, to help raise awareness and funds for lung cancer research. I would be honored if you would participate. Proceeds from the show will be donated to the Lung Cancer Colorado Fund in my mom, Debbie McDonald’s, name.

We all have been affected in some way by cancer. We all can make a difference. Thank you for lending your talents to this important cause close to my heart. It means everything to me.

With love,


If you are an artist who would like to participate in this event, please feel free to contact!

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