Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Coffee Bean Newbie - Chris Kirby Performs LIVE!

He's a witty, spitey, pasty white kid from the woods whose style is simply addictive. With his new record, entitled Vampire Hotel, Chris Kirby gets down to business playing funky piano, saucy guitar, and singing as if the fate of his own mother hangs on every word.
After a quick interview with Chris before his StageIt performance tonight, we came to find out, he's also a Newbie!
CB: Coffee or Tea?
Chris: Coffee! Unless I have a cold... then it's tea with honey in it.
CB: When did you first discover The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf?
Chris: I'm about to make my first trip to LA, and thus have my very first Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf experience! I discovered The Coffee Bean through my friends at
CB: What is your favorite drink from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf?
Chris: Since I'm about to have my first experience, I'll have to get back to you on this! I will make it a point to try as many drinks as I can!
CB: If you could create a new drink, what would the ultimate main ingredient be?
Chris: The main ingredient in my drink would be Screech - that's a famous dark rum from my home in Newfoundland. In cocktails, deserts or hot beverages, Screech is the tastiest ingredient I know of!
CB: Create your best tagline using "Stageit" and "The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf"
Chris: Wake up your soul with Stageit and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!
August 25 - Chris Kirby -- 7pm
445 N. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills CA, 90210

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