Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ryan Calhoun LIVE at The Coffee Bean®

We love Ryan Calhoun and we were so excited to see him perform live at our Los Feliz location on Hillhurst Ave. It was a beautiful Tuesday evening, sunny with clear skies, just got out of work and headed straight down Sunset to see the show.
When we arrived, the StageIt crew was setting up and Ryan Calhoun sat strumming a few tunes for his sound check. Dallas and Asher completed the musical trio which was a pleasant surprise as we had only expected a solo performance. The patio at this location was the perfect setting for a hot cup of tea or coffee with Ryan singing his heart out to the crowd and the computer.
The StageIt Concert Series has made our summer in LA pretty exciting and we hope you’ve had the chance to come out to at least one performance or stream it in real time on your computer.

All of the artists that StageIt books for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® series are truly talented and Ryan proved to be no exception. The best part about this concert series is that ANYONE can join us and stream the performance live through so it was really cool to see everyone chatting online about how gorgeous and of course talented Ryan was, we thought so too!

So what did you think of Ryan Calhoun? Should we invite him back to play for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®?

If you missed our interview with Ryan last week, check it out below. You can stay on top of our Concert Series schedule on or at

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