Monday, September 19, 2011

Interview with StageIt Artist Gayle Skidmore

CB: Are you a coffee or tea kinda girl?

Gayle: Tea! When I lived in England I would drink like 5-8 cups of tea per day just to stay warm. I also worked in a Victorian tea house in LA for a year. My family even makes their own tea. I'm a big fan of companies that participate in Direct Trade and are conscientious about the products they offer.

CB: When did you first discover The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf?

Gayle: I discovered the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf when a friend whom I hadn't seen in years invited me out for tea to catch up. We talked for hours and hours and had some kind of cherry tea, which was amazing. The one closest to where I live has a really nice patio that gets all of the best sunny hours.

CB: What is your favorite drink?

Gayle: I'm pretty fickle about favorites because I like to try new things, but besides tea, I've always liked vanilla lattes.

CB: If you could create a new drink, what would the ultimate main ingredient be?

Gayle: Hmm... the ultimate ingredient... I feel like that's something I'd have to go on some kind of harrowing journey to find. I think some kind of rich chocolatey drink with cayenne pepper would be amazing.

CB: Create your best tagline using "Stageit" and "The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf".

Gayle: Stageit at the Coffee Bean-- Come drink brown, flavored water and fill your ear canals with sounds! (Don't worry, I'm going to stick to songwriting!)

September 19 - Gayle Skidmore -- 7pm
2081 Hillhurst Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Artist info:!/gayleskidmore

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