Thursday, June 2, 2011

The “Top Two Leaves and a Bud”

By David De Candia
David plucking tea in Sri Lanka.
Plucking the top two leaves and a bud is never an easy task, yet these tea pluckers make plucking seem extremely easy. Even when they’re climbing at awkward angles they manage to continue plucking without missing a step. There is an incredible rhythm to plucking and it’s amazing to see all the workers in what seems like choreographed dance.

For me, plucking was a way to become even closer to the beverage I love. However, since it would take me a week to fill my basket, I don’t think I have a future in plucking tea leaves.

-David De Candia, Tea Buyer/Master Tea Blender for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Did you know?

One full basket of tea leaves is about 22lbs or about 8,000 sets of two leaves and a bud. Most tea pluckers can collect a basket and a half in one day!

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